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Pugs Up For Adoption


To adopt or foster from GAPR, please completely fill out our ADOPTION APPLICATION. (If foster, then please write "FOSTER" on the top of the form.) Then print out the application and mail it to us at: GAPR, 259 Derbytown Road, Latrobe, PA 15650.  Then please alert your references to the fact that we will be in contact with them and to please answer all our questions and return any of our phone calls. Your references are extremely important. 

After a home has been approved, there is an adoption fee that ranges from $150 - $500 depending on the age, health, medical care, how many pugs you adopt at one time, etc. Each pug is evaluated and then an adoption fee is applied.  Please do not call for specific adoption fees on particular pugs as due to legal reasons we are advised against giving out this information prior to adoption approval. 

Please note also that upon approval for adoption, your entire family will be required to make the trip to our shelter in Latrobe, PA. If you are unable to do so, please consider adoption from a rescue that may be nearer to you. 

We do NOT transport our rescues to their new homes, and remember that this is a lifetime commitment, that pugs can live to be 16+ years old.

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Alonzo is a very handsome, male Pug born in February 2007. He is a very sweet. gentle Pug, however, he has developed some neurological issues and is now going blind. He will need a quiet, patient home without small or active children.  Alonzo is a special needs Pug looking for his special home!



Meet Amelia! Amelia has been with GAPR for several years. She was born around December 1999. She was originally found tossed along a highway from a puppy mill! She was unable to use her hind legs and dragged herself along the road. She has endured leg operations and is now able to use her legs with ease! She is quite untrusting and shy, but eventually warms up to you. She has a lot of love to give to the right, loving and patient family.



Annabelleachellalunatic or Annabelle for short was born in February 2009. Guardian Angels Pug Rescue is her 11th home. We got her when she was only 8 months old and have been working with her on obedience and manners training. She is very energetic and an escape artist. She needs a secure, high fence and lots of love and patience.

Brutus and Harley

This is Brutus and his sister, Harley! They are littermates born in July 2005.  They would like to find a home together!


Maggie is a sweet, former breeding Pug born in May 2000. She spent her life providing puppies and money for other people, all the while her health has suffered. She came in with her son Alonzo, but they do NOT need to be placed together. Maggie is a special needs Pug, as she is battling inoperable cancer. But she can be very energetic and playful even for a senior pug! Maggie is a gentle lady who just loves a warm lap to snuggle up against!



Meet Natalie - a beautiful owner turn in to an "open-door" shelter. Natalie is a Senior Pug with a very sweet disposition, she loves to be held, cuddled and center of attention! Natalie was born in 2003. She is having some difficulty walking and has an appointment with the vet. Stay tuned for the update!

Born in January 2001, this elderly lady still has a lot of love to give. She is very gentle and sweet. This is her 2nd time here with us (this time because of a divorce).

UPDATE:  Princess has been battling congestive heart failure, and she has gotten significantly worse in the last 4 weeks. Her latest x-ray shows her trachea being somewhat compressed and pushed to the top and
 side of her chest making breathing more difficult. Her medications have been increased and her prognosis is "guarded", when I asked the vet about how long she may have, possibly 6 months, her reply was " uhhhh, well, I'd be surprised if she makes it through the summer". I know I put the vet on the spot and that she cannot actually say for sure how much time Princess has left, but I do know that any time she has will be spent being loved and spoiled!  Thank you for your prayers!    HOSPICE/MEDICAL HOLD


Prisclla is a beautiful, chubby, blind pug born in April 2003 She is a very sweet, loving girl and her blindness slows her a little bit, but she adjusts well to her surroundings. She may have a little sight being that she may be able to see "shadows." She loves to cuddle and longs to join a family to call her own! Priscilla would do well with older children due to her blindness. 


Meet Rosy & Lily ~ These two furbabies were born October 2014. Both are spayed females, and they MUST STAY TOGETHER as they are very much attached to each other. They are bundles of fun and energy! They will need a patient, loving home that will take the time to train them with love and tenderness.  Sorry but we do not place small puppies into homes with small children. If you have the time to spend with these sweethearts please consider adopting!



Sweetie and Teke - a beautiful fawn pair of momma Sweetie (born April 2001), and daughter Teke (born August 2003). Both are fawn and have lived together in a hoarder's home for their entire lives so we are looking to find them a home together. They are both wonderful little girls, very light fawn in color and have a lot of love to give! 

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